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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jun 13, 2015

@SATTpodcast has a unique production workflow. And in this episode of Social Audio Think Tank we take you through a step-by-step guide to how we produce the show currently, and why we believe that if you invest in process and order, you can move beyond production worries and let the content shine! So feel free to cheery-pick what you think will work for your Podcast workflow, and leave out what you think won't - send your questions to the contacts below and enjoy the flow.

OK let's do this. 


The Step-by-Step of SATT's podcast production workflow.


  1. Josh L (MXL USB.009 mic > REC in Audacity) and Josh A (ATR2100 USB mic > REC in Audacity). We record a Double-Ender in .wav (we aim for a recording level between -20 and -12 in Audacity).
  2. Josh A then uploads his side of our show to wetransfer .com in .wav and Josh L downloads that .wav file within 24hours generally.
  3. Josh L then puts both individual .wavs through the desktop version of the Auphonic App. (See below for the settings Josh L is currently using). We then output to .wav
  4. From Auphonic both processed .wav files go back into Audacity for basic content edits incl. aligning the Double-Ender, removing coughs, sniffles and keyboard strokes, and finally we hard EQ (a bass cut at 180db and below) any Plosives in the file. We then output to .wav as a finished voice edit.
  5. The voice edit .wav then goes into Audition for further post-production - firstly we apply the male-voice DeEsser pre-set (to remove ssSibilant sounds) and then we run a track-wide 80db and below bass cut. (See the exact 20 band Graphic EQ Josh L uses below).
  6. Music is then added to  the fully processed track and then outputted as a .wav file.
  7. That final .wav file is then converted to a 128kbs .mp3 in iTunes, and the iD3 tags (.mp3 meta-data) is added and the .mp3 file is drag and dropped onto the desktop.
  8. The final step in the process is to take the finished .mp3 file and upload it to Libsyn - #SATT uses Libsyn as the shows primary RSS Feed so episode titles and full show-notes and links etc are added to the Libsyn backend.
  9. Once the show is published Josh L listens to the whole show in Castro for iOS, and then checks that the Podcast is syndicating properly to iTunes Podcasts, Overcast, Stitcher and Pocketcasts.
  10. The final step in the process is for Josh L to manually upload the finished .mp3 file to Soundcloud and Spreaker - copy and paste is a savior here for show notes and meta-data. The Soundcloud player for that latest episode is then embeded into the episode post on the #satt wesbite - with the text content of the post coming from Soundcloud also. Note: copy/paste might not be great SEO here, but it's definitely great for JOSH L's Pod-sanity!


Contact #SATT


Thanks so so much for listening. Now go get after it!