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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jun 16, 2014

In this episode Josh and Jackson discuss how a Warhammer Podcast is planning a live event, and how it's likely to kick some butt. 

In the previous episode of Social Audio Think Tank the guys broke down what worked and what didn't work at their most recent live event, and Josh in particular wasn't exactly convinced that Podcasting live events is worth it. Jackson was a little more positive about Live Event Podcasting, and mentioned in passing that some friends of his were planning an exclusive ticketed event for Warhammer fans. This inspired the "Warhamm-isode" and the guys talk about the following:

  1. A super niche subject might be better for a live event
  2. If you want to set a ticker price go high before you go low
  3. If your community is regularly coming together anyway, a live event might be more worthwhile
  4. Josh was most likely wrong about Podcasting live events. 

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM):
- Microphones – Sennheiser MD421′s
- Desk – Soundcraft EFX12
- Interface – M-Audio Fast Track Pro
- Software REC – Logic Pro for Mac
- Post Production – Logic Pro for Mac

Episode music from:

Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:

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