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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Oct 11, 2015  

In this episode Josh Liston and Josh Armour discuss how Josh L was lacking information for one of his Podcast topics (the guys refer to that information as Podcast Source Material) and they talk about what he should have done about the lack of source-material. Josh A shares another story about having more than enough raw podcasting information but having certain essential parts of that source-material lacking, and having to run with it (until the last second anyway).  


Episode Idea: If your Podcasting plan is to draw the majority of your source-material from existing online outlets, incl. podcasts, articles, blog posts, YouTube videos and more, do take the extra time to make sure the information-well isn't likely to run dry.  


Podcasting gear used in this episode:

  • Josh L: MXL USB.009 > Audacity/Google Hangouts > Audition for post-prod.
  • Josh A: ATR2100 > Audacity/Google Hangouts > Audition for post-prod. 


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