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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jun 4, 2015

In this episode Josh L and Josh A share some more thoughts on the Podcast recording app Ringr Mobile Website. (Josh L on iOS and Josh A on Android) 


What Josh L did in post to the previous episode, and to the episode you're currently listening to:

  1. Opened the interviewer and interviewee files in Audacity and cleaned up some coughs, bumps and sniffles - exported as .wav1
  2. .wav was run through Auphonic for levelling and slight noise reduction - exported as .wav2
  3. .wav2 into Audition for EQ and Desser - exported as .wav3
  4. .wav3 into iTunes for .mp3 encoding
  5. .mp3 into Libsyn Upload.


The guys and their happiness with Ringr's App-iness:

  • Q) What was Ringr Mobile like to use? A) The App is generally very easy to use, and once you get your head around the Invite System (as the interviewer) and the Invite Codes (as the interviewee) the rest is butter. 
  • Q) What was the in-call experience like as a user? A) This needs work, as the quality is low and on Josh A's side of the call (the Android side) he found the lack of volume controls to be bothersome. 
  • Q) What is the quality like? IT'S REALLY REALLY GOOD considering how easy Ringr is to use. :)


The quality of Ringr's final product:

Overall it sounded great, was super fast to get back to us, was easy to access, and had a great natural vibe (like a phone call with a mate, without the rubbish sound of a traditional phone or mobile call). 


Podcasting gear used in this episode:

  • Josh L: Apple Earbuds > iPhone 6+ > Ringr for iOS (from the Corolla)
  • Josh A: HTC earbuds > HTC Desire > Ringr for Android.


Contact #SATT


Thanks so so much for listening. Now go get after it!