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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jun 25, 2015 (Please Rate, Review and Subscribe to SATT in iTunes)

Josh L and Josh A share their final thoughts on the recent updates to the Ringr App for iOS and Android (for June 2015 at least, ha). 


What is better in Ringr:

  • The in-call experience was much clearer (higher fidelity), much quiter (less slap-backs, noises, crackles and pops), and more balanced (volume wise)
  • The Android version 5.1 of Ringr now allows for better volume control, and solid interface tweaks.
  • The iOS update featured some nice tweaks to the interface incl. a clearer transition from call to upload sequence. 


Podcasting gear used in this episode:

  • Josh L: Apple Earbuds > iPhone 6+ > Ringr for iOS (from the Corolla)
  • Josh A: HTC earbuds > HTC Desire > Ringr for Android.


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