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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jun 22, 2014

Do you enjoy using profanity in your Podcast? Yes? We say good on you! 

In this episode of "Social Audio Think Tank" Josh and Jackson share their thoughts on Profanity in Podcasting. This is one of those sticking points for many Podcasters, and the prevailing advice out there in the Podcasts about Podcasting space is that profanity will most likely limit your potential audience size. The SATT guys don't believe that one bit, and below are some reasons why. 

Note: We're not saying the using Profanity has a place in every show or every genre, or even that it makes a Podcast better: we're just putting it out there, that Podcasters who overly-censor themselves are doing themselves and their fans a disservice. BE YOURSELF!

Profanity definitely has a place in Podcasting:

  1. If you use profanity day-to-day and are likely to use it when meeting people face-to-face, then it might confuse fans and listeners if you had zero profanity in your show. 
  2. If a genre is predicated on outrageous statements and entertainment value (like comedy or Pop Culture) then over-censoring your show may seem a little rubbish to the average fan. (Speak how your audience speaks!)
  3. Is appealing to people that don't enjoy Profanity really that important to your non-business Podcast, compared to being yourself? 
  4. If you're hosting a show that includes guests and co-hosts and you try to censor their speech too much, they might not share it the show with as much enthusiasm. (Keep in mind that when your show is new and you're having regular special guests, that the listeners are most likely fans of the guest, not fans of your show. 
  5.  Be Yourself. Whatever that means to you ;)

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