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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Feb 12, 2017

The Podcasters' Survival Guide is a not-for-profit production from @joshuacliston and

The Podcasters' Anti-Glossary - E-for-Excessive. In this episode Josh takes us through how-to spot "Clever Spam" in Facebook groups


Clue #1: If the user prefaces their question with "I know I could have searched for the answer but I thought I'd ask anyway" or "I know this has been asked before but I wanted to see if things have changed."

Clue #2: If the user comments and sub-comments in group threads aggressively over a short period of time and then is nowhere to be found either for follow-up or to answer criticism of their ideas/comments.

Sub-commenting in bursts is the No.1 way I spot potential Spammers inside the Australian Podcasters' Group on Facebook (which I founded in 2013 and am still an admin for - we try to beat spammers to the punch wherever possible).


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