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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jul 24, 2016

As your host Josh is smack bang in the middle of his very own Podcasters' Survival Story this weekend (trying to rescue a hacked website and WP Podcast RSS Feed) he is offering up some cool prizes for TPSguide listeners - because you're all awesome, and possibly to make himself feel better! SEE BELOW. 

Drawn: Episode 10 of TPSguide

AUS Prize: A used RØDE Procaster (PC) and matching (used) RØDE Shockmount (EC) (Australia only)

O.S. Prize: A new Shure SM58 from Amazon or the best deal provider at the time of the prize draw. 

How-to Enter: Email your Podcasting Question (in audio form only and in .wav or highest quality .mp3 or AAC) to (please note: your question will most likely be used in its raw, or close to it's raw form on future episodes of TPSguide - but there are no promises your audio will be played. You will be entered into the comp regardless of audio playback). 

Email Subject Line: TPSguide Competition Entry

Competition Rules: One entry per Person only regardless of number of questions entered, and please note: the RØDE Procaster comes with no support or product warranty from Josh Liston or the team.