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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Dec 30, 2017
"In this episode Josh put's it out there that in 2018 and beyond The Podcasters' Survival Guide is going to be even more focussed on defining exactly what the show is trying to achieve, plus who the show wants to serve - (or give a serve too!)"

@joshuacliston on Twitter, Instagram and...

Dec 19, 2017 [ The Podcasters' Survival Guide - complete protection from the podcasting gurus ]

Today we speak with Podcast host and YouTube channel master 'Bandrew Scott' from the Podcastage YouTube channel. Get yourself over there for maximum microphone! 

Check out Bandrews website here - 

Nov 25, 2017 - a production of -
In this episode we discuss the following with @Stargatepioneer from and

• An introduction to SP's "Golden Rules of Hobby Podcasting" (Rule 3 - have no more than 2 'weekly' hobby podcasts). 
• Some truths about competition in...

Nov 11, 2017

"Complete Protection from the Podcasting Gurus"
with VIP contributor: @stargatepioneer 
(aka SP) from and

Todays Topic: Television Podcasting 101 to 301 - we discuss the following:

  • How researching the network, cast, showrunners and writers can help you choose a show with some legs for...

Oct 2, 2017
In this episode we discuss the 2017 OZpods Conference with Adam Jaffrey from MATE podcast.

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