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In this episode Jackson joins Josh (@joshuacliston) for his last episode for a while (or possibly ever), and that is exactly what this episode is about - how to take a long-term break from Podcasting, how that can make a Podcaster feel, and why sometimes it just has to be that way. 


Jackson shares his thoughts on:

  • How his new job and his upcoming Art Exhibition have made Podcasting at the hobby level just too hard to commit to (March-July 2015). 
  • How Jackson's new much-shorter commute has made Podcast listening much harder than before, and how even his favourite shows are "suffering."
  • How it feels to be stepping away from something he loves so much, both as a creator and a listener. 
  • What he is going to miss most about Podcasting, and what he isn't going to miss one bit. 
  • What is most special about Podcasting (Josh and Jackson) share this idea.. You need to listen in to hear it ;)


Podcasting gear used:

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Audacity/FaceTime > Audition for post-prod.
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Audacity/FaceTime > Audition for post-prod. 


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Josh continues his conversation with Adam Ryan (@InAllAirness) from the InAllAirness Podcast, and the guys go even deeper into working with high profile guests, and also guests that might not be all that familiar with Podcasting. 


The guys chat about:

  • How does Adam keep his conversations on point without making everything about MJ23 and not about his current guest?
  • What was Adam's early Podcast tech, and how has that changed? 
  • How has the ATR2100 microphone and Zoom H6 digital recorder improved the InAllAirness Podcast?
  • Editing the Podcast for content quality. 


The guys used on this episode: 

  • Josh (intro and outro): AT2005 > Zoom H5
  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Audacity (double ender) > Auphonic/Audition
  • Adam: ATR2100 > Zoom H6/Skype > Josh in .wav


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