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Josh chats with Adam Ryan from the InAllAirness Podcast (Josh's favourite Australian sports Podcast). InAllAirness is a Michael Jordan-era NBA History show, and a good one at that. 


What the guys discuss in part 1:

  • Why Adam started his show (clue: he started the show he thought was missing from the Podcast world, so instead of just sitting around wishing a Jordan-era NBA show existed - he just went about building one himself). 
  • Adam's intensity in researching his guests, and how that research allows him to flow more freely with his interviews (clue: the more you know about your show guests, the more easily you can go where the interview is taking you). 
  • How Adam first went about getting great guests, and how he found that getting one or two great contacts/guests early on can cascade into more and more unique/exclusive guests. 
  • How Adam is shining a light on the lesser known places in the NBA and world basketball and how that makes his show even more niche, and even BETTER - Josh's words that one ;) 


Podcasting gear used in this interview: 

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Skype/Audacity (Double-ender) > Audition for post-prod.
  • Adam: ATR2100 > Skype/Digital Recorder (Double-ender) > Josh > Post-prod.


What you will get in part 2 of the interview with Adam (out soon):

  • Adam's thoughts on Podcasting gear, and how he has a second NBA History podcast. 
  • Much more NBA Podcasting good-ness! 


Contact #SATT:

  • Josh: @joshuacliston on Tw, Insta and FB. 
  • Em: 
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