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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jan 25, 2015

Josh and Jackson talk back-up RECording solutions and how calling someone on your mobile phone can be important in an on-the-fly world. @joshuacliston and @GxJackson give you the Pod-skinny on possible ways to record your show if your computer happens to die in the backside. 


The guys share their Podcasting gear...

Jan 18, 2015

Josh and Jackson (@GxJackson) share their thoughts on Podcasting Apps (for listening), and what features would Josh (@joshuacliston) add to make his favourite App-Archetype CASTRO absolutely perfect. ;)


Some blabbering blabbers: 

  1. 115db bass cut button (or graphic...

Jan 14, 2015
Join Josh and Jackson to hear some ideas for Batch-recording your Podcast, and some tips for things NOT-TO-DO. The guys discuss a few mistakes they've made themselves while REC #SATT. 


Episode Topic: "Don't mention things that have happened or were said in past episodes then...