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Josh and Jackson want to say MERRY Xmas to our amazing #SATT listeners. The guys then have a chat about if Christmas episodes (and other holiday episodes) have a place in Podcasting.. and if they do, what type of shows should you be thinking about producing, and maybe some that might not work around holiday time.


Thanks everyone, and have a happy and safe Xmas 2014 :)


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Josh and Jackson talk Spotify, and if Podcasting has a place within the Spotify ecosystem.



The guys also blather on about:

  • Do streaming music users (Paid and/or FREE plan users) actually want or need Podcasting within the same Apps?
  • Is there a strong cross over between Podcast listeners and streaming music users?
  • Is the move towards more and more streaming based content and delivery platforms good or bad for Podcasting? 
  • Is there potential conflicts in Podcastings future re: pre-roll ads being run against baked-in creator driven ads? 
  • Does Spotify actually care about Podcasting, or was their inclusion of Podcasting code in their latest update just a reactionary move to Deezer's acquisition of Stitcher?
  • Is Jackson moved at all by streaming music Apps embracing Podcasting? In short, the answer is NO! ha. 


Podcasting equipment used in this Episode:

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Audacity (REC) and Skype > Jackson
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Audacity (REC) and Skype > Josh
  • Post: Audacity (voice edits) > Auphonic (levelling) > Audition (EQ, Desser and .mp3 export)


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Thanks heaps for listening, now go get after it! 



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Have you ever had a Podcast guest you know has great stories to tell, but just will not tell them? Yep, we all have. Today Josh and Jackson share a few field-tested ideas and tactics for making your guests feel more Pod-comfort, and even a feeling a touch loquacious


Tips for gifting some gab: 

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Your guest/guests should never feel like you know 100% of NOTHING about them. 
  2. Set up your expectations as to what you're show is trying to achieve, and in particular the level of detail you would love to capture in the upcoming interview.
  3. Remove any technical hurdle that may impact the guests comfort and/or enjoyment during the interview - we advise taking your guest further into the technical comfort-zone instead of away from it. 
  4. If you're looking for a good way to start off an interview try the following
    • Start with a story you know the guest tells well
    • Incl. a personal note about what the guests work may mean to you (or even someone you know) without sounding like a creepy fan-person!
    • Ask your guest to share something interesting yet easy - like their earliest memory, or what they have been doing in the few hours before your chat (you can always cut these later in the final Podcast version if you feel you need to). 


Thanks for listening and sharing the show peeps - now go get after it! 

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Try not to do the following things, and your show should and will be better.. and you won't annoy current, future, and possible dream guests. Oh yeah, you also will be less likely to make your fans uneasy when listening to your show. 


REAL Dont Do's in Podcasting:

  1. Let your guests know that they can repeat themselves if and when they make a mistake, go off-track, cough, splutter, etc, and then not edit the spluttery-coughy-mess out of the Podcasts final edit. 
  2. Don't forget your gear when your Podcasting outside your normal studio, and always make sure you know the limits of not just your primary RECording solution, but also your back-up solution (and YES you probably do need a back-up solution). 


Thanks for listening peeps, and keep after it! 

@joshuacliston and @GxJackson 


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