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In this extra-isode Jackson speaks with Podcaster, Radio producer and audio storyteller Jess O'Callaghan (@jessocallaghan) from @_allthebest Radio & @Rereaders Podcast. 


Jackson and Jess chat about the following:

  • What 'All the Best' radio is, and who it's for. 
  • What 'Rereaders' Podcast is, and who it's for.
  • How Jess's current shows differ in audience, production styles, and origins. With 'All the Best Radio' having it's base well and truly in the community radio world, and Rereaders being more of a traditional Podcast. 
  • Jess chats about how 'All The Best' has a solid home on community radio, and that allows her to leverage creative resources beyond just her own, to produce a truly meaningful audio program. 
  •  Jackson asks the question-of-Pod-questions: "What does Jess enjoy more - Podcasting or Radio" and yes, she loves both :)


This episodes gear:

  • Josh (intro) - Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Zoom H5.
  • Jackson and Jess - Sennheiser MD421's > Scarlett interface > Audacity > Logic Pro (for post).


Contact the #SATT guys:


Cheers for listening, and keep podding people \m/ 


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In this episode Josh and Jackson discuss 4 Cool Libsyn product features that no one talking about - these are all things that Josh in particular has found really amazing and feels need expanding upon. The guys also share their thoughts on where they think Libsyn might be able to improve their service (just a little bit) to really go from 9/10 to a 10/10.

This episode is not intended to persuade you to switch to using Libsyn, or even to promote Libsyn over other reputable Podcasting media hosting companies: it's only out there to promote some bonus Libsyn features that the guys have found useful day-to-day, and to raise the question of "potential places for improvement." 



Your hosts talking hosting with zero toasting:  

  • Cool Libsyn feature #1: Updates to your text posts, titles, episode names etc all propogate quickly across all the Apps and locations that Josh uses to check his shows are working. 
  • Cool Libsyn feature #2: Libsyn has decent download speeds most of the time, and episode downloads are reliable and don't bomb-out all that often.
  • Cool Libsyn feature #3: Libsyn have their own Podcast where they tackle questions in an honest and entertaining way, while still providing great and accurate information. (Jackson claims to be responsible for #theFeed Podcast)
  • Cool Libsyn feature #4: Show notes appear more transparently in iTunes/Castro etc - meaning that the show notes look exactly how I want them in all the Apps and locations I look to to check my shows are presenting properly. 


Josh's feelings on Libsyn (he gives them a 9/10): Libsyn need to improve their download speeds to be closer to the speeds of ESPN type servers, and Soundcloud in Australia. Otherwise they're totally awesome :)

Jackson's feels on Libsyn (he also gives them 9/10): He loves everything about Libsyn incl. #thefeed Podcast - but feels they may need to refine their marketing message and their SEO to further capture those new Podcasters are still finding Podomatic and Podbean etc before they find Libsyn. 


This Ep's tech stuff:

  • Josh: AT2005 > Heil Boom Arm > Orange XLR cable > Zoom H6
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Hand held > Orange XLR cable > Zoom H6


Podcast Music: Warriors by The Elliotts


Contacting the lads:


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Comments[0] Listen in to this small-isode all about why using DropBox and RECording your Podcast on Skype (or similar) might not be such a great idea. Josh and Jackson also share some other types of programs and computer based functions that could impact your recording - in particular if you RECord your Pod over Skype or some other similar type of web-based or VOIP based call-in program. 


Rig Run-down:

  • Josh: AT2005 > Skype/Audacity > Jackson
  • Jackson: SM58 > Zoom H6/Audacity > Josh


Episode tunes: Warriors by The Elliotts from Melbourne. 


Contact the guys:


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In this episode Josh and Jackson discuss why you might want to consider doing a Double-Ender when RECording Podcasts over Skype. We also talk about the following thangs:


  • What a Double-Ender is and how-to perform a basic version using Skype and Audacity.
  • Josh shares a simple little trick for knocking down that Skype Ocean Sound by disabling the "Automatically Adjust Microphone Settings in Skype."
  • Josh and Jackson make a Podcasting mistake by talking about an upcoming episode that has actually already come out in our Podcast feed.


The Pod-tech used in this episode:

  • Josh: AT2005 via USB > Skype (for the call) and Audacity (for the REC).
  • Jackson: SM58 via XLR > Zoom H6 > Skype (for the call) and Audacity (for the REC ). 


The Pod-music: "Warriors" by The Elliotts (from Melbourne).


Contact the guys here:





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Comments[0] In this episode Josh and Jackson both use and live-review the Zoom H6 portable audio recorder. The guys discuss what they like most about the Zoom H6, and what they feel will be useful features going forward for both in-studio and field recordings. 


You will most likely hear a little somethin' like this:

  • The technical specs of the Zoom H6.
  • Why Jackson upgraded from the Zoom H4n recorder to its successor the Zoom H6.
  • Josh notices the pre-amps are cleaner on the Zoom H6 than the H4n, and the unit is much more fully featured than his Roland R-05 recorder. The Zoom H6 features multiple XLR/TRS inputs, switchable microphone modules, a deep selection of Phantom power options and encoding options, plus it has a wonderful display for monitoring RECording levels.  
  • Jackson shares his first week with the unit, and his discoveries so far. 
  • Josh's quick run-down on why he feels the AT2005 microphone is actually much better than the ATR2100 from a build quality point of view (they sound the same).
  • Where and when Jackson will be using the H6 in the future, and what gear he is planning on replacing now that he has a new more robust portable audio RECorder.


The gear used in this episode:

  • Josh: AT2005 mic > Heil boom arm > Orange premium XLR cable > Zoom H6
  • Jackson: Hand held AT2005 > Orange premium XLR cable > Zoom H6


The tunes is your ear-balls: Warriors by The Elliotts.


Contacting the #SATT guys:


Cheers and keep after it :)


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Comments[0] In this bonus episode of #SATT Jackson speaks with the guys from Hookturn Media - a Melbourne based Podcasting and design company. Josh and Ross from @Hookturnmedia take us through their respective pasts in broadcasting, their desire from an editorial voice in their shows, and their feelings about Podcast monetisation. 


This kinda stuff was flying about: 

  • Josh's past Podcasting adventures and the gruelling schedule a weekly show can present - Josh did a weekly show for 8+years and said it was tough at times to keep fronting up and producing at that level.
  • Ross and Josh's feelings that Seasonal Podcast release schedules and/or bi-weekly release schedules might be more than enough for the serious hobbyist and/or pure hobbyist - Avoid That POD-burnout People
  • Jackson shares some thoughts around radio syndication for Podcasting, and proposes a possible new monetisation model for serious hobbyists and professional Podcasters alike.
  • Ross and Josh share their own thoughts on Podcast advertising, and Podcast monetisation, and whether the non-US Podcast market is large enough and engaged enough, to support an advertising model. 


Contact SATT and Hookturn:


Tech used in this Ep:

  • Zoom H6 
  • SM58's handheld 


Music by "The Elliotts" and their track Warriors.

Thanks for listening to Social Audio Think Tank (#SATT) :)


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Comments[0] Jackson takes through 3 BIG takeaways from his recent trip to The Technorama Community Radio Conference held in Melbourne, Australia. Jackson mentions that some of his sessions were incredibly technical and radio-centric, but much of the more App-centric and Content-centric sessions can be applied to Podcasting, and that's exciting for all of us.


What the lads throw about (with their man-voices):

  • Jackson goes a little giddy over the new Auria App from WaveMachineLabs (click here to see the Auria App)
  • Clocks, and if they have a solid place in Podcasting like they do in community radio/commercial radio. Josh shares his thoughts (which is Clocks are suckie for the Pod) but Jackson talks him around a little on the idea. The guys then discuss Podcast length and the benefits of sticking to your own rough time limits. 
  • Meeting other community radio techy-peeps made Jackson feel much less alone in his solo-role at Southern FM; knowing that other techies out there are facing the same issues, and dealing with the same problems.
  • Josh reminds us all to keep thanking our Podcast co-hosts (it makes for a better Podcasting experience for all involved). 


The Techy Techness: 

  • Josh - AT2005 (via USB) > PC Laptop > Skype/Audacity (Double Ender)
  • Jackson - SM58 (via XLR) > Zoom H6 > Skype/Audacity (Double Ender)


Episode Tunes:

  • "Warriors" by The Elliotts. 


Contact the lads:



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