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In the Promo-isode Josh and Jackson debate the value of Podcast promos, and whether you should be considering running promos for other Podcasts in your show. They guys duke-it-out around what type of promos could work, and what type of promo certainly don't seem to work. The lads then riff on a concept that may end up being used going forward by both of the guys to promote other Podcasts without using tradtional RECorded Podcast Promos. 


What we discuss: 

  • Josh defines what he feels is and is not a Podcast promo. He makes the distinction between Podcast promos and network stingers and bumpers. 
  • Jackson enjoys the idea of promos as a network founder, and Josh really doesn't like them.
  • Jackson and Josh find some middle ground around what would "make a great sounding promo." 
  • Jackson shares his thoughts on why some Podcasters and Podcast producers may not see exactly why a network founder/creator (such as Jackson) sees Promos as potentially important and useful. 


Good promos seem to have these features:

  • A strong clear voice, and a good even volume.
  • A quality music bed.
  • Tip: Keep it short and speak the words clearly.
  • Tip: Don't just put them up on a promo-swapping site and expect people to play them, go out and introduce yourself to other Podcasters who clearly have an audience that might enjoy your show - meaning don't just SPAM your promo in the direction of any producer that crosses your Pod-path.


Tech time: 

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 + MDR 7506's > Skype > Jackson > Logic Pro (REC)
  • Jackson: AT2020 > Skype/Logic Pro (REC) > Logic Pro (Post)


Music in this episode: 

  • "Warriors" by The Elliotts 


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Cheers for listening, and keep after it! 


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Comments[0] Does audio quality really matter in Podcasting, and how much compression is too much? Join Josh and Jackson as they debate the importance of audio quality Vs content quality - plus the guys share their feelings about using heavy compression in your Podcast episodes. 

What the guys speak of:

  1. Is audio quality or content quality the most important thing to a great Podcast?
  2. When a popular Podcast gets it wrong, what does that prove?
  3. Josh shares his feelings on heavy multi-band compression, and the fatigue it causes him.
  4. Jackson shares some thoughts on how he may have been too reliant on compression and many other post-production techniques in past Podcasts.
  5. How Josh's voice and the Sennheiser MD421 went to war with each other, and how Jackson was left to clean up the mess.


Tech used in this episode:

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > iMac > Skype > Jackson > Logic
  • Jackson: AT2020 > Macbook > Skype > Logic


Music in this episode:

  • "Warriors" by The Elliotts


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Jackson is joined by Radio presenter, Podcaster, and public broadcaster Philippe Perez. The guys talk about Philippe's history in Australian community radio, and the his feelings around the current state of Podcasting and radio. Philippe talks about his transition from Sydney to Melbourne based community radio, his work with public broadcaster SBS, and his own Podcast/Podcasts. 

The guys also discuss the following: 

  • Is "Welcome to Night Vale" a throw-back to an old-school radio drama?
  • Is community radio broader than Podcasting?
  • The art of radio, and the art of Podcasting.
  • The purpose and structure of SBS Vs those same elements at community radio and Podcasting.
  • How would Podcasting be impacted by movements in community radio.
  • Niched down, and regionalized (localized) Podcasts.
  • Does a really regionalized Podcast make you feel alienated? 
  • Is there a cross-over between Philippe's current adventures in public broadcasting, community radio, and Podcasting.
  • Radio documentary Podcasts incl. All The Best. 
  • Does Phillpe like Podcasting, Broadcasting, or Radio the best? ;)

Two minutes of tech:

  • Intro: Røde ProCaster > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Yamaha MG102c > Roland R-05
  • Interview: Sennheiser MD421's > M-audio Fast Track Pro > Logic Pro
  • Outro: Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Yamaha MG102c > Roland R-05

This episodes music: 

  • Main theme: "The Warriors" by The Elliotts
  • Section break: "End of the World" by Bella Maris

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In this episode we take a look at iSEO (or iTunes Search Engine Optimization), and our thoughts on non-business related shows modelling their iSEO on business shows.

Josh has recently changed the name of one of his shows from "Braver By The Day: A Podcast about habit change, persistence, and grit." to "Braver By The Day with Joshua C Liston" and he feels that even if his keyword related downloads/streams/etc fall, his current and future audience may appreciate the less "desperate - me me me" show title, haha. 

So, if you have a new Podcast coming out soon, a second/third/fourth Podcast about to launch, or you simply want to change up your shows titles and show meta-data you might find todays episode helpful.

We take a look at what we feel works with:

  • iSEO for show titles, sub-titles, author fields, and episode titles
  • Which shows have good amounts of keywords (searchable words) in their show titles, and where we think non-business Podcasts might be going wrong
  • Podcast taglines Vs Keyword over-Loading ;)
  • iTunes sub-titles and DO THEY MATTER?
  • Does keyword loading your show title and author fields lock you in to more narrow range of subject matter than you as a producer might ideally want for your Pod? 

Two minutes of tech (via Skype call):

  • Microphone (Josh) - MXL USB.009
  • Microphone (Jackson) - AT2020
  • REC Software - Logic
  • Call via Skype audio

Episode music from:


  • Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

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@joshuacliston on Twitter
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Josh and Jackson discuss when and how to change your show for the better, and when it might be time to put your Podcast to rest. If you have ever wanted to change your show, re-launch your show, or even STOP your show altogether, this episode is for you. 

Get part one of this topic "the implode-isode" here: 

Explode-isode Topics and Questions:

  • Ways to end your Podcast or audio show - the right way. and some ways the guys have seen it done in the past.
  • Whether or not you should keep a show going just because your audience wants the show to continue
  • Is it wrong to keep doing a Podcast if you happen to be over it
  • Do you need a goodbye Podcast episode?
  • Josh and Jackson's take on their own shows and if they will be putting some of their own Podcasts to bed.  

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM):
- Microphones – Sennheiser MD421′s
- Desk – Soundcraft EFX12
- Interface – M-Audio Fast Track Pro
- Software REC – Logic Pro for Mac
- Post Production – Logic Pro for Mac

Episode music from:
Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:
@joshuacliston on Twitter
@OzPodcasts on Twitter

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