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In today's episode we debate the value and application of the Wadsworth Constant as it pertains to Podcasting and Social Audio. As you will find our in the episode itself Josh and Jackson have slightly different feelings about the matter (nothing new there, haha) but firstly we better quickly cover what exactly the Wadsworth Constant is.

According to Urban Dictionary: 

"The Wadsworth Constant is the fundamental idea that the true meaning of a video, conversation, or comment approaches importance after approximately 30% of it has been skipped over.

The place where the Wadsworth Constant has been applied most powerfully is to YouTube videos where both Josh and Jackson agree that the effect definitely has merit. But in the world of Podcasting and Social Audio the guys are less convinced. 

Josh's feelings are pretty simple: "When it comes to Podcasting the Wadsworth Constant is well, ...." 

Jackson's thoughts: are well delivered in his recent article for Podcaster News which you can get here 54 Seconds (The Wadsworth Constant), where Jackson argues that a variation of TWC might fall in the range of 54 seconds. To which Josh lays down a challenge :)

Two minutes of tech (Studio 2, 88.3 Southern FM):

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Episode music from:

  1. Theme song - The Elliotts - Warriors
  2. Transitional piece - Bella Maris - End of the World  

@joshuacliston on Twitter 

@OzPodcasts on Twitter

S/O to Podcaster News for putting out some sweet articles of late - check them out here



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Daniel Olivares talks producing a great radio show, and then making it a sweet Podcast - SATT003

In this episode we're talking taking a radio show and Podcasting that sucker. We also discuss iTunes New and Noteworthy, and using Soundcloud to Social audio distribution.

Josh and Jackson are joined by community radio host and Podcaster Daniel OlivaresDaniel along with his Geeks Interrupted co-hosts produce a weekly radio program here in Melbourne, Australia, and then the boys put the show out as a quality Podcast. Daniel is a super cool guy, and what was really cool about this particular interview was that Dan is definitely as in love with radio as he is with Podcasting, and for Josh at least, this isn't the case. 

What gets spoken of:

  1. Who is Daniel Olivares, and what is Geeks Interrupted?
  2. The process of taking a live radio program, and then Podcasting it via RSS
  3. The ways Podcasting and live radio feel different, and some of the ways it feels that same (the guys from Geeks Interrupted aim to produce the very best radio show they can, and don't worry themselves about Podcasting best-practices while the show is live)
  4. The value of chat room and live Twitter reads for Daniel's live radio show
  5. How the guys avoid letting the chat room derail and/or, take over their show

Two minutes of tech:

Josh and Jackson

  1. Mics - Sennheiser MD421's
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3WBC with Daniel

  1. Mics - SM58's with wind screens
  2. Desk - Elan Audio Kestrel
  3. Interface - Moto 4 Pre
  4. REC - Logic
  5. Post-prod - Logic

The weekly discussion (and/or debate):

"Soundcloud for Podcasting; is it decent, what is it best for, and what should we look out for?"

Podcasts of the week:

  1. Josh - In all Airness episode #45
  2. Jackson - The New by Lach Ryan and Simon Godfrey

Links mentioned in this episode:

Geeks Interrupted

@OzPodcasts on Twitter

@joshuacliston on Twitter  



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Bonusode: Tales from OzPodcast's live Podcast event - SATT

In this episode Josh and Jackson are talking about their first Podcasting live event, OzPodcast. How the show came together, and how the guys will be looking to change things going forward for future live Audio events. 

What the guys discuss in this episode:

  1. How the idea of a Live Podcast event came about.
  2. How Jackson went about bringing multiple shows and their hosts together on the same Podcasting event.
  3. What the guys will be doing differently next time.

Two minutes of tech:

  1. MicrophonesSennheiser MD421's
  2. Desk - Elan Audio Hawk 12
  3. Interface - Scarlett
  4. Software - Audacity for PC
  5. Post-prod - Logic

The weekly discussion topic (and/or debate):

"Don't give us a bunch of Pretty Link URL extensions for iTunes, as we're not going to search your show that way. Just tell us exactly what to search for! Keywords people! Keywords!"

Podcasts of the week:

  1. Jackson - 99% Invisible - UTBAPH
  2. Josh - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Blueprint for Armageddon II

Say g'day to us on twitter: @OzPodcasts for Jackson, and @joshuacliston for Josh.


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Community radio and Social music sites w/ Forrister Jenot - SATT002

In todays episode Josh and Jackson introduce their first special guest to the show: Forrister Jenot is a long time music writer and Radio presenter in Australia, and he along with Jackson discuss everything from Community Radio to iTunes; Soundcloud to Triple J; and the importance of Social audio sites. 

What the guys chat about in this episode: 

  1. Who is Forrister Jenot, and what does he do?
  2. Forrister's radio shows, and past as a music journalist.
  3. Forrister's business on Social media.
  4. The connection between broadcasting and Social platforms.
  5. How Forrister is using his Social sites to boost his profile and influence.
  6. Forrister's love for Soundcloud, and his on-again/off-again attitude towards to Twitter. 

Two minutes of tech (Studio 2, 88.3 Southern FM):

  1. Microphones - Sennheiser MD421's
  2. Desk - Elan Hawk 12
  3. Interface - Scarlett 
  4. Software REC - Audacity for PC
  5. Post Production - Logic 

The weekly discussion topic (and/or debate):

USB vs Dynamic microphones:"Regardless of what options you go with, try your best to test out as many microphones as you can before you spend hundreds on a mic that might not suit your voice."

~ Josh and Jackson. (Abuse to @joshuacliston & @OzPodcasts)

Podcasts of the week:

  1. Josh - The New Media Show Ep #40 w/ Rick Calvert
  2. Jackson - Welcome to Night Vale Ep #1 

Links mentioned in this episode:

88.3 Southern FM 

Josh on Twitter @joshuacliston

Jackson on Twitter @OzPodcasts

Forrister on Twitter @howieb2009 

Episode music from:

  1. Theme song - The Elliotts - Warriors
  2. Transitional piece - Bella Maris - End of the World  


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Social Audio Think Tank - Welcome - SATT001

Welcome to the Social Audio Think Tank, in this episode your co-hosts Joshua Liston (from Braver By The Day), and Jackson Rogers (from OzPodcasts), take you through a quick run down on what exactly the show is, and maybe more importantly, what the show isn't. 

The guys touch on the following:

  1. Social Audio
  2. Podcasting
  3. Community Radio
  4. Creative Podcasting
  5. Audio Production
  6. Two minutes of audio-tech
  7. The audio-sampling problem

Jackson is the technical manager for Southern FM 88.3 in Australia, founder of the OzPodcasts directory, and host of The Forgetting Curve Podcast. @OzPodcasts

Josh is a long time musician and host of multiple Podcasts incl. Braver By The Day, DIY Music Movement, Returning to Study, and 999podcast. @joshuacliston

The guys finish up this first episode by discussing the structure of Social Audio Think Tank going forward, and how that may, and most likely will change. 

Two minutes of tech (Studio 2, 88.3 Southern FM):

  1. Microphones - Sennheiser MD421's
  2. Desk - Elan Audio Hawk 12
  3. Interace - Scarlett 
  4. Software - Audacity for PC

Podcast episodes of the week:

  1. Jackson - How Did This Get Made w/ Deck the Halls.
  2. Joshua - Nerdist w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Links and other stuff: 


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