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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Dec 24, 2014

Josh and Jackson want to say MERRY Xmas to our amazing #SATT listeners. The guys then have a chat about if Christmas episodes (and other holiday episodes) have a place in Podcasting.. and if they do, what type of shows should you be thinking about producing, and maybe some that...

Dec 22, 2014 

Josh and Jackson talk Spotify, and if Podcasting has a place within the Spotify ecosystem.



The guys also blather on about:

  • Do streaming music users (Paid and/or FREE plan users) actually want or need Podcasting within the same Apps?
  • Is there a strong cross over between...

Dec 17, 2014 

Have you ever had a Podcast guest you know has great stories to tell, but just will not tell them? Yep, we all have. Today Josh and Jackson share a few field-tested ideas and tactics for making your guests feel more Pod-comfort, and even a feeling a touch loquacious


Tips for...

Dec 13, 2014

Try not to do the following things, and your show should and will be better.. and you won't annoy current, future, and possible dream guests. Oh yeah, you also will be less likely to make your fans uneasy when listening to your show. 


REAL Dont Do's in Podcasting:

  1. Let your...

Nov 30, 2014

Josh (@joshuacliston) and Jackson (@Gxjackson) talk about the hype around This American Life's hit Podcast production SERIAL (website), and what does it mean for Podcasting going forward?


What the guys talk about in this Ep of #SATT:

  • The amazing hype around the new...