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Josh and Jackson want to say MERRY Xmas to our amazing #SATT listeners. The guys then have a chat about if Christmas episodes (and other holiday episodes) have a place in Podcasting.. and if they do, what type of shows should you be thinking about producing, and maybe some that might not work around holiday time.


Thanks everyone, and have a happy and safe Xmas 2014 :)


@joshuacliston and @GxJackson  

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Josh and Jackson talk Spotify, and if Podcasting has a place within the Spotify ecosystem.



The guys also blather on about:

  • Do streaming music users (Paid and/or FREE plan users) actually want or need Podcasting within the same Apps?
  • Is there a strong cross over between Podcast listeners and streaming music users?
  • Is the move towards more and more streaming based content and delivery platforms good or bad for Podcasting? 
  • Is there potential conflicts in Podcastings future re: pre-roll ads being run against baked-in creator driven ads? 
  • Does Spotify actually care about Podcasting, or was their inclusion of Podcasting code in their latest update just a reactionary move to Deezer's acquisition of Stitcher?
  • Is Jackson moved at all by streaming music Apps embracing Podcasting? In short, the answer is NO! ha. 


Podcasting equipment used in this Episode:

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Audacity (REC) and Skype > Jackson
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Audacity (REC) and Skype > Josh
  • Post: Audacity (voice edits) > Auphonic (levelling) > Audition (EQ, Desser and .mp3 export)


Contact the lads: 


Thanks heaps for listening, now go get after it! 



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Have you ever had a Podcast guest you know has great stories to tell, but just will not tell them? Yep, we all have. Today Josh and Jackson share a few field-tested ideas and tactics for making your guests feel more Pod-comfort, and even a feeling a touch loquacious


Tips for gifting some gab: 

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Your guest/guests should never feel like you know 100% of NOTHING about them. 
  2. Set up your expectations as to what you're show is trying to achieve, and in particular the level of detail you would love to capture in the upcoming interview.
  3. Remove any technical hurdle that may impact the guests comfort and/or enjoyment during the interview - we advise taking your guest further into the technical comfort-zone instead of away from it. 
  4. If you're looking for a good way to start off an interview try the following
    • Start with a story you know the guest tells well
    • Incl. a personal note about what the guests work may mean to you (or even someone you know) without sounding like a creepy fan-person!
    • Ask your guest to share something interesting yet easy - like their earliest memory, or what they have been doing in the few hours before your chat (you can always cut these later in the final Podcast version if you feel you need to). 


Thanks for listening and sharing the show peeps - now go get after it! 

@joshuacliston and @GxJackson 

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Try not to do the following things, and your show should and will be better.. and you won't annoy current, future, and possible dream guests. Oh yeah, you also will be less likely to make your fans uneasy when listening to your show. 


REAL Dont Do's in Podcasting:

  1. Let your guests know that they can repeat themselves if and when they make a mistake, go off-track, cough, splutter, etc, and then not edit the spluttery-coughy-mess out of the Podcasts final edit. 
  2. Don't forget your gear when your Podcasting outside your normal studio, and always make sure you know the limits of not just your primary RECording solution, but also your back-up solution (and YES you probably do need a back-up solution). 


Thanks for listening peeps, and keep after it! 

@joshuacliston and @GxJackson 


Direct download: SATT__Mistake-isode_I.mp3
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Josh (@joshuacliston) and Jackson (@Gxjackson) talk about the hype around This American Life's hit Podcast production SERIAL (website), and what does it mean for Podcasting going forward?


What the guys talk about in this Ep of #SATT:

  • The amazing hype around the new Storytelling Podcast SERIAL
  • Josh shares his excitement about the show, and its story quality (Josh isn't normally an NPR-esque Podcast fan)
  • Jackson shares what he has heard about the show, and is keen to now listen to the show
  • Question 1: Is the hype around the show good or bad for Podcasting in the short, medium, and long-term?
  • Question 2: If there is a run on sub-SERIAL quality story-Podcasts in 2015 - is there a danger the genre could fizzle out early?


These techy gadgets may or may not have been used in this Podcast episode: 

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Heil Boom Arm > iMac > Audacity (double-ender)
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Boom Arm > Mac Book > Audacity (double-ender)
  • Post-production: Audacity for edits > Auphonic desktop app for levelling > Audiiton for EQ and .mp3 encoding


Contact the lads:

  • Josh: and @joshuacliston on Twitter, FB & Instagram
  • Jackson: @GxJackson on Twitter


Thanks heaps for listening, you rock hard!!! 

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French music streaming giant Deezer recently acquired cross-platform Podcast and Radio company Stitcher, but what does this mean for Podcasting and spoken word audio? Josh and Jackson discuss this and much more in this episode of Social Audio Think Tank.


Talking Deezer w/ two Aussie geezers:   

  • Does Jackson even know what Deezer is? 
  • Josh does know, but has no real idea what it might mean for Podcasting, and Podcasters. 
  • Josh for once is more optimistic than Jackson (the shock, the horror). 
  • Will Deezers global audience bring more NEW FANS to Podcasting? Josh thinks so! 
  • Jackson shares his plans for his OzPodcasts Network. 



  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Skype > Double-ender (REC in Audacity)
  • Jackson: AT2005 USB > Skype > Double-ender (REC in Audacity)


Pod-tracks: "Warriors" by The Elliotts


Contact the guys:


Direct download: SATT__Deez-isode.mp3
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In the Work-isode Josh and Jackson discuss where Podcasting falls in relation to employment, and how-to keep Podcasting (with passion) when your work-life ramps up. Jackson has recently increased his work hours and is not sure how much Podcasting he can realistically do (to a high standard) now that he has much less free time. 


The guys also chat about: 

  • How a day job can (and probably should) reduce the financial expectations you place on you podcast. 
  • What Jackson sees happening with his podcast network and podcast directory site @OzPodcasts.
  • Josh shares that he believes that money-driven podcasters may actually be missing out on many of the intrinsic benefits of podcasting. 
  • Jackson explores his evolving mind-set around what Podcasting is to him: Jackson is moving from the podcasting as J.O.B to podcasting as an Incredible Hobby. 


The Work-isode Tech:

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Skype > Call REC for Mac. 
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Skype > Call REC for Mac. 


Contacting the lads: 

Direct download: SATT__Work-isode.mp3
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In this episode Josh and Jackson talk taking an established Podcast to Radio. Jackson is currently in the early stages of taking his podcast "The Forgetting Curve (TFC)" to community radio, and it's been a crazy journey already. 


What get's Podcasted (we mean radio-casted) we mean talked about:

  • The process of taking a 10 minute Podcast and turning it in to a 30 minute radio show. 
  • Some of the traps of going live on the radio when you're used to podcasting - for example, pausing and leaving a gap  for editing and then repeating a line in the show. Radio = no editing! Jackson found this out the hard way in his first live TFC radio broadcast. 
  • Why Jackson wanted to expand TFC into community radio - mostly it was the audience potential. 
  • How the show feels different on radio than it does in Podcast form, and to Josh at least, it feels more awesome "not less."


Episode Pod-tech:

  • Josh: AT2005 > Heil Boom Arm > Orange XLR > Zoom H6
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Hand-Held > Orange XLR > Zoom H6


Podcast tunes: "Warriors" by The Elliotts



Direct download: SATT__Radio-isode_VI.mp3
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In the Group-isode Josh and Jackson talk about the value of online groups for Podcasters, and how they help in creating even better Podcasts. The guys also discuss some good and not-so-good group behaviour for interacting in groups, plus how-to get a little more out of a group as both a group-founder, and a group user. 


Pontification may or may not have occurred around the following: 

  • How Josh ran into some trouble when he implemented stronger anti-spam rules into his Australian Podcasters Facebook Group. (Trouble being angry members complaining about how hard Josh was making it to SPAM the group, yep, we know).
  • Why Josh and Jackson both believe that more rules, as long as they're clearly stated and immutable in nature, make for the best online groups.  
  • Some validation from a much smarter person than Josh, that he wanted to share but proceeded to forget, so here it is in text just for you "don't be afraid to exclude people ~ Derek Sivers founder of CD Baby"
  • Jackson shares some just some of the reasons that he has stopped using many traditional Podcasting groups online, and how he probably won't pick up the practice again any time soon.  


Ep Tech: 

  • Josh: AT2005 > Heil boom arm > Orange XLR > Zoom H6
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Orange XLR > Zoom H6


Ep tunes: Warriors by The Elliotts. 


Say g'day:


Thanks so much for listening and please do share the show with some Podcasting mates, friendsters and family-sters.. yep that one was a real shocker :\ ha. 


Direct download: SATT__Group-isode.mp3
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In this extra-isode Jackson speaks with Podcaster, Radio producer and audio storyteller Jess O'Callaghan (@jessocallaghan) from @_allthebest Radio & @Rereaders Podcast. 


Jackson and Jess chat about the following:

  • What 'All the Best' radio is, and who it's for. 
  • What 'Rereaders' Podcast is, and who it's for.
  • How Jess's current shows differ in audience, production styles, and origins. With 'All the Best Radio' having it's base well and truly in the community radio world, and Rereaders being more of a traditional Podcast. 
  • Jess chats about how 'All The Best' has a solid home on community radio, and that allows her to leverage creative resources beyond just her own, to produce a truly meaningful audio program. 
  •  Jackson asks the question-of-Pod-questions: "What does Jess enjoy more - Podcasting or Radio" and yes, she loves both :)


This episodes gear:

  • Josh (intro) - Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Zoom H5.
  • Jackson and Jess - Sennheiser MD421's > Scarlett interface > Audacity > Logic Pro (for post).


Contact the #SATT guys:


Cheers for listening, and keep podding people \m/ 


Direct download: SATT__Radio-isode_V.mp3
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In this episode Josh and Jackson discuss 4 Cool Libsyn product features that no one talking about - these are all things that Josh in particular has found really amazing and feels need expanding upon. The guys also share their thoughts on where they think Libsyn might be able to improve their service (just a little bit) to really go from 9/10 to a 10/10.

This episode is not intended to persuade you to switch to using Libsyn, or even to promote Libsyn over other reputable Podcasting media hosting companies: it's only out there to promote some bonus Libsyn features that the guys have found useful day-to-day, and to raise the question of "potential places for improvement." 



Your hosts talking hosting with zero toasting:  

  • Cool Libsyn feature #1: Updates to your text posts, titles, episode names etc all propogate quickly across all the Apps and locations that Josh uses to check his shows are working. 
  • Cool Libsyn feature #2: Libsyn has decent download speeds most of the time, and episode downloads are reliable and don't bomb-out all that often.
  • Cool Libsyn feature #3: Libsyn have their own Podcast where they tackle questions in an honest and entertaining way, while still providing great and accurate information. (Jackson claims to be responsible for #theFeed Podcast)
  • Cool Libsyn feature #4: Show notes appear more transparently in iTunes/Castro etc - meaning that the show notes look exactly how I want them in all the Apps and locations I look to to check my shows are presenting properly. 


Josh's feelings on Libsyn (he gives them a 9/10): Libsyn need to improve their download speeds to be closer to the speeds of ESPN type servers, and Soundcloud in Australia. Otherwise they're totally awesome :)

Jackson's feels on Libsyn (he also gives them 9/10): He loves everything about Libsyn incl. #thefeed Podcast - but feels they may need to refine their marketing message and their SEO to further capture those new Podcasters are still finding Podomatic and Podbean etc before they find Libsyn. 


This Ep's tech stuff:

  • Josh: AT2005 > Heil Boom Arm > Orange XLR cable > Zoom H6
  • Jackson: AT2005 > Hand held > Orange XLR cable > Zoom H6


Podcast Music: Warriors by The Elliotts


Contacting the lads:


Direct download: SATT__Libsyn-isode.mp3
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Comments[0] Listen in to this small-isode all about why using DropBox and RECording your Podcast on Skype (or similar) might not be such a great idea. Josh and Jackson also share some other types of programs and computer based functions that could impact your recording - in particular if you RECord your Pod over Skype or some other similar type of web-based or VOIP based call-in program. 


Rig Run-down:

  • Josh: AT2005 > Skype/Audacity > Jackson
  • Jackson: SM58 > Zoom H6/Audacity > Josh


Episode tunes: Warriors by The Elliotts from Melbourne. 


Contact the guys:


Direct download: SATT__DropBox-isode.mp3
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In this episode Josh and Jackson discuss why you might want to consider doing a Double-Ender when RECording Podcasts over Skype. We also talk about the following thangs:


  • What a Double-Ender is and how-to perform a basic version using Skype and Audacity.
  • Josh shares a simple little trick for knocking down that Skype Ocean Sound by disabling the "Automatically Adjust Microphone Settings in Skype."
  • Josh and Jackson make a Podcasting mistake by talking about an upcoming episode that has actually already come out in our Podcast feed.


The Pod-tech used in this episode:

  • Josh: AT2005 via USB > Skype (for the call) and Audacity (for the REC).
  • Jackson: SM58 via XLR > Zoom H6 > Skype (for the call) and Audacity (for the REC ). 


The Pod-music: "Warriors" by The Elliotts (from Melbourne).


Contact the guys here:





Direct download: SATT__DoubleEnd-isode.mp3
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Comments[0] In this episode Josh and Jackson both use and live-review the Zoom H6 portable audio recorder. The guys discuss what they like most about the Zoom H6, and what they feel will be useful features going forward for both in-studio and field recordings. 


You will most likely hear a little somethin' like this:

  • The technical specs of the Zoom H6.
  • Why Jackson upgraded from the Zoom H4n recorder to its successor the Zoom H6.
  • Josh notices the pre-amps are cleaner on the Zoom H6 than the H4n, and the unit is much more fully featured than his Roland R-05 recorder. The Zoom H6 features multiple XLR/TRS inputs, switchable microphone modules, a deep selection of Phantom power options and encoding options, plus it has a wonderful display for monitoring RECording levels.  
  • Jackson shares his first week with the unit, and his discoveries so far. 
  • Josh's quick run-down on why he feels the AT2005 microphone is actually much better than the ATR2100 from a build quality point of view (they sound the same).
  • Where and when Jackson will be using the H6 in the future, and what gear he is planning on replacing now that he has a new more robust portable audio RECorder.


The gear used in this episode:

  • Josh: AT2005 mic > Heil boom arm > Orange premium XLR cable > Zoom H6
  • Jackson: Hand held AT2005 > Orange premium XLR cable > Zoom H6


The tunes is your ear-balls: Warriors by The Elliotts.


Contacting the #SATT guys:


Cheers and keep after it :)


Direct download: SATT__Zoom-isode.mp3
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Comments[0] In this bonus episode of #SATT Jackson speaks with the guys from Hookturn Media - a Melbourne based Podcasting and design company. Josh and Ross from @Hookturnmedia take us through their respective pasts in broadcasting, their desire from an editorial voice in their shows, and their feelings about Podcast monetisation. 


This kinda stuff was flying about: 

  • Josh's past Podcasting adventures and the gruelling schedule a weekly show can present - Josh did a weekly show for 8+years and said it was tough at times to keep fronting up and producing at that level.
  • Ross and Josh's feelings that Seasonal Podcast release schedules and/or bi-weekly release schedules might be more than enough for the serious hobbyist and/or pure hobbyist - Avoid That POD-burnout People
  • Jackson shares some thoughts around radio syndication for Podcasting, and proposes a possible new monetisation model for serious hobbyists and professional Podcasters alike.
  • Ross and Josh share their own thoughts on Podcast advertising, and Podcast monetisation, and whether the non-US Podcast market is large enough and engaged enough, to support an advertising model. 


Contact SATT and Hookturn:


Tech used in this Ep:

  • Zoom H6 
  • SM58's handheld 


Music by "The Elliotts" and their track Warriors.

Thanks for listening to Social Audio Think Tank (#SATT) :)


Direct download: SATT__Hookturn-isode.mp3
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Comments[0] Jackson takes through 3 BIG takeaways from his recent trip to The Technorama Community Radio Conference held in Melbourne, Australia. Jackson mentions that some of his sessions were incredibly technical and radio-centric, but much of the more App-centric and Content-centric sessions can be applied to Podcasting, and that's exciting for all of us.


What the lads throw about (with their man-voices):

  • Jackson goes a little giddy over the new Auria App from WaveMachineLabs (click here to see the Auria App)
  • Clocks, and if they have a solid place in Podcasting like they do in community radio/commercial radio. Josh shares his thoughts (which is Clocks are suckie for the Pod) but Jackson talks him around a little on the idea. The guys then discuss Podcast length and the benefits of sticking to your own rough time limits. 
  • Meeting other community radio techy-peeps made Jackson feel much less alone in his solo-role at Southern FM; knowing that other techies out there are facing the same issues, and dealing with the same problems.
  • Josh reminds us all to keep thanking our Podcast co-hosts (it makes for a better Podcasting experience for all involved). 


The Techy Techness: 

  • Josh - AT2005 (via USB) > PC Laptop > Skype/Audacity (Double Ender)
  • Jackson - SM58 (via XLR) > Zoom H6 > Skype/Audacity (Double Ender)


Episode Tunes:

  • "Warriors" by The Elliotts. 


Contact the lads:



Direct download: SATT__Technoram-isode.mp3
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In the Promo-isode Josh and Jackson debate the value of Podcast promos, and whether you should be considering running promos for other Podcasts in your show. They guys duke-it-out around what type of promos could work, and what type of promo certainly don't seem to work. The lads then riff on a concept that may end up being used going forward by both of the guys to promote other Podcasts without using tradtional RECorded Podcast Promos. 


What we discuss: 

  • Josh defines what he feels is and is not a Podcast promo. He makes the distinction between Podcast promos and network stingers and bumpers. 
  • Jackson enjoys the idea of promos as a network founder, and Josh really doesn't like them.
  • Jackson and Josh find some middle ground around what would "make a great sounding promo." 
  • Jackson shares his thoughts on why some Podcasters and Podcast producers may not see exactly why a network founder/creator (such as Jackson) sees Promos as potentially important and useful. 


Good promos seem to have these features:

  • A strong clear voice, and a good even volume.
  • A quality music bed.
  • Tip: Keep it short and speak the words clearly.
  • Tip: Don't just put them up on a promo-swapping site and expect people to play them, go out and introduce yourself to other Podcasters who clearly have an audience that might enjoy your show - meaning don't just SPAM your promo in the direction of any producer that crosses your Pod-path.


Tech time: 

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 + MDR 7506's > Skype > Jackson > Logic Pro (REC)
  • Jackson: AT2020 > Skype/Logic Pro (REC) > Logic Pro (Post)


Music in this episode: 

  • "Warriors" by The Elliotts 


Contact the guys:


Cheers for listening, and keep after it! 


Direct download: SATT__Promo-isode.mp3
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Comments[0] Does audio quality really matter in Podcasting, and how much compression is too much? Join Josh and Jackson as they debate the importance of audio quality Vs content quality - plus the guys share their feelings about using heavy compression in your Podcast episodes. 

What the guys speak of:

  1. Is audio quality or content quality the most important thing to a great Podcast?
  2. When a popular Podcast gets it wrong, what does that prove?
  3. Josh shares his feelings on heavy multi-band compression, and the fatigue it causes him.
  4. Jackson shares some thoughts on how he may have been too reliant on compression and many other post-production techniques in past Podcasts.
  5. How Josh's voice and the Sennheiser MD421 went to war with each other, and how Jackson was left to clean up the mess.


Tech used in this episode:

  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > iMac > Skype > Jackson > Logic
  • Jackson: AT2020 > Macbook > Skype > Logic


Music in this episode:

  • "Warriors" by The Elliotts


To support the network and say g'day:

Direct download: Fidel-isode.mp3
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Jackson is joined by Radio presenter, Podcaster, and public broadcaster Philippe Perez. The guys talk about Philippe's history in Australian community radio, and the his feelings around the current state of Podcasting and radio. Philippe talks about his transition from Sydney to Melbourne based community radio, his work with public broadcaster SBS, and his own Podcast/Podcasts. 

The guys also discuss the following: 

  • Is "Welcome to Night Vale" a throw-back to an old-school radio drama?
  • Is community radio broader than Podcasting?
  • The art of radio, and the art of Podcasting.
  • The purpose and structure of SBS Vs those same elements at community radio and Podcasting.
  • How would Podcasting be impacted by movements in community radio.
  • Niched down, and regionalized (localized) Podcasts.
  • Does a really regionalized Podcast make you feel alienated? 
  • Is there a cross-over between Philippe's current adventures in public broadcasting, community radio, and Podcasting.
  • Radio documentary Podcasts incl. All The Best. 
  • Does Phillpe like Podcasting, Broadcasting, or Radio the best? ;)

Two minutes of tech:

  • Intro: Røde ProCaster > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Yamaha MG102c > Roland R-05
  • Interview: Sennheiser MD421's > M-audio Fast Track Pro > Logic Pro
  • Outro: Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Yamaha MG102c > Roland R-05

This episodes music: 

  • Main theme: "The Warriors" by The Elliotts
  • Section break: "End of the World" by Bella Maris

Say g'day here:

Support the show and the OzPodcasts Network on Patreon: 


Direct download: Radio-isode_Part_IV.mp3
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In this episode we take a look at iSEO (or iTunes Search Engine Optimization), and our thoughts on non-business related shows modelling their iSEO on business shows.

Josh has recently changed the name of one of his shows from "Braver By The Day: A Podcast about habit change, persistence, and grit." to "Braver By The Day with Joshua C Liston" and he feels that even if his keyword related downloads/streams/etc fall, his current and future audience may appreciate the less "desperate - me me me" show title, haha. 

So, if you have a new Podcast coming out soon, a second/third/fourth Podcast about to launch, or you simply want to change up your shows titles and show meta-data you might find todays episode helpful.

We take a look at what we feel works with:

  • iSEO for show titles, sub-titles, author fields, and episode titles
  • Which shows have good amounts of keywords (searchable words) in their show titles, and where we think non-business Podcasts might be going wrong
  • Podcast taglines Vs Keyword over-Loading ;)
  • iTunes sub-titles and DO THEY MATTER?
  • Does keyword loading your show title and author fields lock you in to more narrow range of subject matter than you as a producer might ideally want for your Pod? 

Two minutes of tech (via Skype call):

  • Microphone (Josh) - MXL USB.009
  • Microphone (Jackson) - AT2020
  • REC Software - Logic
  • Call via Skype audio

Episode music from:


  • Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:

@joshuacliston on Twitter
@OzPodcasts on Twitter

Support the @OzPodcasts Network 



Direct download: iSEO-isode.mp3
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Josh and Jackson discuss when and how to change your show for the better, and when it might be time to put your Podcast to rest. If you have ever wanted to change your show, re-launch your show, or even STOP your show altogether, this episode is for you. 

Get part one of this topic "the implode-isode" here: 

Explode-isode Topics and Questions:

  • Ways to end your Podcast or audio show - the right way. and some ways the guys have seen it done in the past.
  • Whether or not you should keep a show going just because your audience wants the show to continue
  • Is it wrong to keep doing a Podcast if you happen to be over it
  • Do you need a goodbye Podcast episode?
  • Josh and Jackson's take on their own shows and if they will be putting some of their own Podcasts to bed.  

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM):
- Microphones – Sennheiser MD421′s
- Desk – Soundcraft EFX12
- Interface – M-Audio Fast Track Pro
- Software REC – Logic Pro for Mac
- Post Production – Logic Pro for Mac

Episode music from:
Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:
@joshuacliston on Twitter
@OzPodcasts on Twitter

Direct download: Explode-isode.mp3
Category:Podcast Episodes -- posted at: 3:30am EDT
Comments[0] - Have you ever been faced with truly undesirable Podcasting conditions, and what did you do? Everything from sickness to equipment failure; to echoes and bulldozers can make Podcasting and recording a great sounding Podcast tough. But does it really matter, and what do you do if you just can't avoid the conditions you're faced with as a Podcaster?

What Josh and Jackson talk about:

  1. Josh was faced with illness and a terrible sounding room when REC episodes of his show Braver By The Day Podcast.
  2. Jackson was faced with a live game of tennis while REC an episode of The Forgetting Curve Podcast.
  3. Should you Not Podcast, or should you power through? and aim for a content-first-mindset?
  4. If you're covering an advancing field, you need to always be improving your own production (movies, comics, TV shows, bands etc, they're all improving their own production year-on-year).
  5. Have Josh and Jackson created less-than-desirable conditions for their own Podcasts?

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM):
- Microphones – Sennheiser MD421′s
- Desk – Soundcraft EFX12
- Interface – M-Audio Fast Track Pro
- Software REC – Logic Pro for Mac
- Post Production – Logic Pro for Mac

Episode music from:
Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:
@joshuacliston on Twitter
@OzPodcasts on Twitter

Direct download: Implode-isode.mp3
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Do you enjoy using profanity in your Podcast? Yes? We say good on you! 

In this episode of "Social Audio Think Tank" Josh and Jackson share their thoughts on Profanity in Podcasting. This is one of those sticking points for many Podcasters, and the prevailing advice out there in the Podcasts about Podcasting space is that profanity will most likely limit your potential audience size. The SATT guys don't believe that one bit, and below are some reasons why. 

Note: We're not saying the using Profanity has a place in every show or every genre, or even that it makes a Podcast better: we're just putting it out there, that Podcasters who overly-censor themselves are doing themselves and their fans a disservice. BE YOURSELF!

Profanity definitely has a place in Podcasting:

  1. If you use profanity day-to-day and are likely to use it when meeting people face-to-face, then it might confuse fans and listeners if you had zero profanity in your show. 
  2. If a genre is predicated on outrageous statements and entertainment value (like comedy or Pop Culture) then over-censoring your show may seem a little rubbish to the average fan. (Speak how your audience speaks!)
  3. Is appealing to people that don't enjoy Profanity really that important to your non-business Podcast, compared to being yourself? 
  4. If you're hosting a show that includes guests and co-hosts and you try to censor their speech too much, they might not share it the show with as much enthusiasm. (Keep in mind that when your show is new and you're having regular special guests, that the listeners are most likely fans of the guest, not fans of your show. 
  5.  Be Yourself. Whatever that means to you ;)

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Episode music from:
Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:
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In this episode Josh and Jackson discuss how a Warhammer Podcast is planning a live event, and how it's likely to kick some butt. 

In the previous episode of Social Audio Think Tank the guys broke down what worked and what didn't work at their most recent live event, and Josh in particular wasn't exactly convinced that Podcasting live events is worth it. Jackson was a little more positive about Live Event Podcasting, and mentioned in passing that some friends of his were planning an exclusive ticketed event for Warhammer fans. This inspired the "Warhamm-isode" and the guys talk about the following:

  1. A super niche subject might be better for a live event
  2. If you want to set a ticker price go high before you go low
  3. If your community is regularly coming together anyway, a live event might be more worthwhile
  4. Josh was most likely wrong about Podcasting live events. 

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM):
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Episode music from:

Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:

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@OzPodcasts on Twitter

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Triv-isode: Live Podcasting a trivia night, and our take aways for Podcasters planning an event

Have you ever considered running your own Live Podcasting event? Jackson and I have, and we did twice: the following are some take-aways from our second live Podcasting event. 

What was it? 

- A live trivia night based around Podcast centric topics like: Podcasting, Sport, Pop Culture, and Music.

- The event was ticketed and those tickets were free - we ended up pre-selling 15 tickets.

- The event was awesome really fun, and Jackson and I took turns on hosting rounds.

- Less than 5 people turned up. 

Our takeaways from OzPodcasts Live 2:

- Think long and hard about whether the audience for a Podcast, is going to be interested in actually coming together and hanging out in public.

- Keep the marketing and branding focussed on the Fan Experience and the FUN to be had, not the fact that you (the Podcaster) are REC the event, and using it as content.

- Don't expect that spending money on your event will equal more people, it most likely will just equal 'less money'.

- If your event is ticketed, ensure there is clear value to securing a pre-sale ticket. 


Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM - Buzz Cuts are FREE):

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Podcast recommendation of the week:

- Crash Course In Awesome (Josh)

- TOFOP/FOFOP (Jackson)

Episode music from:

Theme song - The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:

@joshuacliston on Twitter

@OzPodcasts on Twitter

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Have you spent some quality time really thinking about your choice of Podcast theme music? It's OK not many Podcasters have! 

In todays episode of "Social Audio Think Tank" Josh and Jackson discuss the whys, hows and who froms of Podcast theme music, and how-to get some good tracks for your show. 

Both Josh and Jackson agree that many Podcasters leave music to the last minute, and end up going with some tried and true vanilla Podcast music, and then never think to change it. But why you ask, would a Podcaster choose theme music that really doesn't represent their own musical tastes?

Here are several reasons (if you can call them that) that producers choose the music they do:

  1. The music is really really cheap (or FREE)
  2. The music sounds a lot like the music in similar shows
  3. The producer doesn't want to offend anyone (EVER!!!), and
  4. They simply got locked in with a theme song early on, and never think to change it to something more in-line with what they personally love 

Some places to get AWESOME music (please choose what's in your heart, not what's in your borrowed-from-some-other-Podcasters-brain !!!):

  1. Ask any musically talented friends, family or extended family to produce something for you
  2. Go to
  3. Ask around your local community/college or public radio station for the names and numbers of marketing savvy and musically talented acts that might want some extra exposure 
  4. Check out Music X-Ray

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM - Buzz Cuts are FREE):

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Episode music from:

Theme song - The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT blokes:

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@OzPodcasts on Twitter

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Postcode-isode: Stop cutting yourself out of your Podcast or radio show - less vanilla Pods

In this episode of the show we're talking about ethnography, geography, and history, and how we think you should be doing the same. Essentially this is our reaction to much of the advice out there in the Podcasts about Podcasting space, suggesting that you shouldn't speak about specific geographical or historical information, and you should try and keep your Podcast as international friendly as possible.

Josh and Jackson have slightly different thoughts on the subject, but in the end they both agree that you shouldn't cut out the things that make you who you are, and if you want to incl. geographical or historical information from your country, DO IT! Just endeavour to explain why those things are relevant and why those places, events and experiences impact the subject at hand. 

As Australian's who listen to loads of shows from North America and the UK, we feel it would be awful to hear those shows try too hard to become the international call sign for "vanilla Pods". ;)

Two minutes of tech:

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@joshuacliston for Josh

@OzPodcasts for Jackson






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In today's episode we debate the value and application of the Wadsworth Constant as it pertains to Podcasting and Social Audio. As you will find our in the episode itself Josh and Jackson have slightly different feelings about the matter (nothing new there, haha) but firstly we better quickly cover what exactly the Wadsworth Constant is.

According to Urban Dictionary: 

"The Wadsworth Constant is the fundamental idea that the true meaning of a video, conversation, or comment approaches importance after approximately 30% of it has been skipped over.

The place where the Wadsworth Constant has been applied most powerfully is to YouTube videos where both Josh and Jackson agree that the effect definitely has merit. But in the world of Podcasting and Social Audio the guys are less convinced. 

Josh's feelings are pretty simple: "When it comes to Podcasting the Wadsworth Constant is well, ...." 

Jackson's thoughts: are well delivered in his recent article for Podcaster News which you can get here 54 Seconds (The Wadsworth Constant), where Jackson argues that a variation of TWC might fall in the range of 54 seconds. To which Josh lays down a challenge :)

Two minutes of tech (Studio 2, 88.3 Southern FM):

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Episode music from:

  1. Theme song - The Elliotts - Warriors
  2. Transitional piece - Bella Maris - End of the World  

@joshuacliston on Twitter 

@OzPodcasts on Twitter

S/O to Podcaster News for putting out some sweet articles of late - check them out here



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Daniel Olivares talks producing a great radio show, and then making it a sweet Podcast - SATT003

In this episode we're talking taking a radio show and Podcasting that sucker. We also discuss iTunes New and Noteworthy, and using Soundcloud to Social audio distribution.

Josh and Jackson are joined by community radio host and Podcaster Daniel OlivaresDaniel along with his Geeks Interrupted co-hosts produce a weekly radio program here in Melbourne, Australia, and then the boys put the show out as a quality Podcast. Daniel is a super cool guy, and what was really cool about this particular interview was that Dan is definitely as in love with radio as he is with Podcasting, and for Josh at least, this isn't the case. 

What gets spoken of:

  1. Who is Daniel Olivares, and what is Geeks Interrupted?
  2. The process of taking a live radio program, and then Podcasting it via RSS
  3. The ways Podcasting and live radio feel different, and some of the ways it feels that same (the guys from Geeks Interrupted aim to produce the very best radio show they can, and don't worry themselves about Podcasting best-practices while the show is live)
  4. The value of chat room and live Twitter reads for Daniel's live radio show
  5. How the guys avoid letting the chat room derail and/or, take over their show

Two minutes of tech:

Josh and Jackson

  1. Mics - Sennheiser MD421's
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3WBC with Daniel

  1. Mics - SM58's with wind screens
  2. Desk - Elan Audio Kestrel
  3. Interface - Moto 4 Pre
  4. REC - Logic
  5. Post-prod - Logic

The weekly discussion (and/or debate):

"Soundcloud for Podcasting; is it decent, what is it best for, and what should we look out for?"

Podcasts of the week:

  1. Josh - In all Airness episode #45
  2. Jackson - The New by Lach Ryan and Simon Godfrey

Links mentioned in this episode:

Geeks Interrupted

@OzPodcasts on Twitter

@joshuacliston on Twitter  



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Bonusode: Tales from OzPodcast's live Podcast event - SATT

In this episode Josh and Jackson are talking about their first Podcasting live event, OzPodcast. How the show came together, and how the guys will be looking to change things going forward for future live Audio events. 

What the guys discuss in this episode:

  1. How the idea of a Live Podcast event came about.
  2. How Jackson went about bringing multiple shows and their hosts together on the same Podcasting event.
  3. What the guys will be doing differently next time.

Two minutes of tech:

  1. MicrophonesSennheiser MD421's
  2. Desk - Elan Audio Hawk 12
  3. Interface - Scarlett
  4. Software - Audacity for PC
  5. Post-prod - Logic

The weekly discussion topic (and/or debate):

"Don't give us a bunch of Pretty Link URL extensions for iTunes, as we're not going to search your show that way. Just tell us exactly what to search for! Keywords people! Keywords!"

Podcasts of the week:

  1. Jackson - 99% Invisible - UTBAPH
  2. Josh - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Blueprint for Armageddon II

Say g'day to us on twitter: @OzPodcasts for Jackson, and @joshuacliston for Josh.


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Community radio and Social music sites w/ Forrister Jenot - SATT002

In todays episode Josh and Jackson introduce their first special guest to the show: Forrister Jenot is a long time music writer and Radio presenter in Australia, and he along with Jackson discuss everything from Community Radio to iTunes; Soundcloud to Triple J; and the importance of Social audio sites. 

What the guys chat about in this episode: 

  1. Who is Forrister Jenot, and what does he do?
  2. Forrister's radio shows, and past as a music journalist.
  3. Forrister's business on Social media.
  4. The connection between broadcasting and Social platforms.
  5. How Forrister is using his Social sites to boost his profile and influence.
  6. Forrister's love for Soundcloud, and his on-again/off-again attitude towards to Twitter. 

Two minutes of tech (Studio 2, 88.3 Southern FM):

  1. Microphones - Sennheiser MD421's
  2. Desk - Elan Hawk 12
  3. Interface - Scarlett 
  4. Software REC - Audacity for PC
  5. Post Production - Logic 

The weekly discussion topic (and/or debate):

USB vs Dynamic microphones:"Regardless of what options you go with, try your best to test out as many microphones as you can before you spend hundreds on a mic that might not suit your voice."

~ Josh and Jackson. (Abuse to @joshuacliston & @OzPodcasts)

Podcasts of the week:

  1. Josh - The New Media Show Ep #40 w/ Rick Calvert
  2. Jackson - Welcome to Night Vale Ep #1 

Links mentioned in this episode:

88.3 Southern FM 

Josh on Twitter @joshuacliston

Jackson on Twitter @OzPodcasts

Forrister on Twitter @howieb2009 

Episode music from:

  1. Theme song - The Elliotts - Warriors
  2. Transitional piece - Bella Maris - End of the World  


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Social Audio Think Tank - Welcome - SATT001

Welcome to the Social Audio Think Tank, in this episode your co-hosts Joshua Liston (from Braver By The Day), and Jackson Rogers (from OzPodcasts), take you through a quick run down on what exactly the show is, and maybe more importantly, what the show isn't. 

The guys touch on the following:

  1. Social Audio
  2. Podcasting
  3. Community Radio
  4. Creative Podcasting
  5. Audio Production
  6. Two minutes of audio-tech
  7. The audio-sampling problem

Jackson is the technical manager for Southern FM 88.3 in Australia, founder of the OzPodcasts directory, and host of The Forgetting Curve Podcast. @OzPodcasts

Josh is a long time musician and host of multiple Podcasts incl. Braver By The Day, DIY Music Movement, Returning to Study, and 999podcast. @joshuacliston

The guys finish up this first episode by discussing the structure of Social Audio Think Tank going forward, and how that may, and most likely will change. 

Two minutes of tech (Studio 2, 88.3 Southern FM):

  1. Microphones - Sennheiser MD421's
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  3. Interace - Scarlett 
  4. Software - Audacity for PC

Podcast episodes of the week:

  1. Jackson - How Did This Get Made w/ Deck the Halls.
  2. Joshua - Nerdist w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Links and other stuff: 


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