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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Aug 30, 2014

In this extra-isode Jackson speaks with Podcaster, Radio producer and audio storyteller Jess O'Callaghan (@jessocallaghan) from @_allthebest Radio & @Rereaders Podcast. 


Jackson and Jess chat about the following:

  • What 'All the Best' radio is, and who it's for. 
  • What 'Rereaders' Podcast is, and who it's for.
  • How Jess's current shows differ in audience, production styles, and origins. With 'All the Best Radio' having it's base well and truly in the community radio world, and Rereaders being more of a traditional Podcast. 
  • Jess chats about how 'All The Best' has a solid home on community radio, and that allows her to leverage creative resources beyond just her own, to produce a truly meaningful audio program. 
  •  Jackson asks the question-of-Pod-questions: "What does Jess enjoy more - Podcasting or Radio" and yes, she loves both :)


This episodes gear:

  • Josh (intro) - Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Zoom H5.
  • Jackson and Jess - Sennheiser MD421's > Scarlett interface > Audacity > Logic Pro (for post).


Contact the #SATT guys:


Cheers for listening, and keep podding people \m/