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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jun 3, 2014

Have you spent some quality time really thinking about your choice of Podcast theme music? It's OK not many Podcasters have! 

In todays episode of "Social Audio Think Tank" Josh and Jackson discuss the whys, hows and who froms of Podcast theme music, and how-to get some good tracks for your show. 

Both Josh and Jackson agree that many Podcasters leave music to the last minute, and end up going with some tried and true vanilla Podcast music, and then never think to change it. But why you ask, would a Podcaster choose theme music that really doesn't represent their own musical tastes?

Here are several reasons (if you can call them that) that producers choose the music they do:

  1. The music is really really cheap (or FREE)
  2. The music sounds a lot like the music in similar shows
  3. The producer doesn't want to offend anyone (EVER!!!), and
  4. They simply got locked in with a theme song early on, and never think to change it to something more in-line with what they personally love 

Some places to get AWESOME music (please choose what's in your heart, not what's in your borrowed-from-some-other-Podcasters-brain !!!):

  1. Ask any musically talented friends, family or extended family to produce something for you
  2. Go to
  3. Ask around your local community/college or public radio station for the names and numbers of marketing savvy and musically talented acts that might want some extra exposure 
  4. Check out Music X-Ray

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM - Buzz Cuts are FREE):

- Microphones – Sennheiser MD421′s

- Desk – Soundcraft EFX12

- Interface – M-Audio Fast Track Pro

- Software REC – Logic Pro for Mac

- Post Production – Logic Pro for Mac

Episode music from:

Theme song - The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT blokes:

@joshuacliston on Twitter

@OzPodcasts on Twitter