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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Dec 13, 2014

Try not to do the following things, and your show should and will be better.. and you won't annoy current, future, and possible dream guests. Oh yeah, you also will be less likely to make your fans uneasy when listening to your show. 


REAL Dont Do's in Podcasting:

  1. Let your guests know that they can repeat themselves if and when they make a mistake, go off-track, cough, splutter, etc, and then not edit the spluttery-coughy-mess out of the Podcasts final edit. 
  2. Don't forget your gear when your Podcasting outside your normal studio, and always make sure you know the limits of not just your primary RECording solution, but also your back-up solution (and YES you probably do need a back-up solution). 


Thanks for listening peeps, and keep after it! 

@joshuacliston and @GxJackson