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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jul 11, 2014 

In this episode we take a look at iSEO (or iTunes Search Engine Optimization), and our thoughts on non-business related shows modelling their iSEO on business shows.

Josh has recently changed the name of one of his shows from "Braver By The Day: A Podcast about habit change, persistence, and grit." to "Braver By The Day with Joshua C Liston" and he feels that even if his keyword related downloads/streams/etc fall, his current and future audience may appreciate the less "desperate - me me me" show title, haha. 

So, if you have a new Podcast coming out soon, a second/third/fourth Podcast about to launch, or you simply want to change up your shows titles and show meta-data you might find todays episode helpful.

We take a look at what we feel works with:

  • iSEO for show titles, sub-titles, author fields, and episode titles
  • Which shows have good amounts of keywords (searchable words) in their show titles, and where we think non-business Podcasts might be going wrong
  • Podcast taglines Vs Keyword over-Loading ;)
  • iTunes sub-titles and DO THEY MATTER?
  • Does keyword loading your show title and author fields lock you in to more narrow range of subject matter than you as a producer might ideally want for your Pod? 

Two minutes of tech (via Skype call):

  • Microphone (Josh) - MXL USB.009
  • Microphone (Jackson) - AT2020
  • REC Software - Logic
  • Call via Skype audio

Episode music from:


  • Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

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