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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Mar 11, 2015

Josh continues his conversation with Adam Ryan (@InAllAirness) from the InAllAirness Podcast, and the guys go even deeper into working with high profile guests, and also guests that might not be all that familiar with Podcasting. 


The guys chat about:

  • How does Adam keep his conversations on point without making everything about MJ23 and not about his current guest?
  • What was Adam's early Podcast tech, and how has that changed? 
  • How has the ATR2100 microphone and Zoom H6 digital recorder improved the InAllAirness Podcast?
  • Editing the Podcast for content quality. 


The guys used on this episode: 

  • Josh (intro and outro): AT2005 > Zoom H5
  • Josh: MXL USB.009 > Audacity (double ender) > Auphonic/Audition
  • Adam: ATR2100 > Zoom H6/Skype > Josh in .wav


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