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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jul 2, 2014

Josh and Jackson discuss when and how to change your show for the better, and when it might be time to put your Podcast to rest. If you have ever wanted to change your show, re-launch your show, or even STOP your show altogether, this episode is for you. 

Get part one of this topic "the implode-isode" here: 

Explode-isode Topics and Questions:

  • Ways to end your Podcast or audio show - the right way. and some ways the guys have seen it done in the past.
  • Whether or not you should keep a show going just because your audience wants the show to continue
  • Is it wrong to keep doing a Podcast if you happen to be over it
  • Do you need a goodbye Podcast episode?
  • Josh and Jackson's take on their own shows and if they will be putting some of their own Podcasts to bed.  

Two minutes of tech (Studio 1, 88.3 Southern FM):
- Microphones – Sennheiser MD421′s
- Desk – Soundcraft EFX12
- Interface – M-Audio Fast Track Pro
- Software REC – Logic Pro for Mac
- Post Production – Logic Pro for Mac

Episode music from:
Theme song – The Elliotts with their track ‘Warriors’

The SATT guys:
@joshuacliston on Twitter
@OzPodcasts on Twitter