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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Jun 10, 2017 | edited and produced by 
In this episode Josh shares his thoughts on what has annoyed him as long time Patron on Patreon, and what he thinks Podcasters could be doing better on the platform.

This Episodes Luke-Warm-Takes from anAnti-Guru:

  • Don't fumble around when describing what Patreon is, and how it works. Be confident and Be clear!
  • Don't forget to remind your existing Patrons that their rewards are ready each month, and where they can engage with those rewards most easily.
  • Don't be a "Podcast Money Chaser" - seriously just don't. If you're not currently supporting any other creators via Patreon and/or you have never done so, STOP planning your own monetisation for two bloody seconds and instead go and find out what it's like to be on the 'Patron' side of the platform.


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