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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Oct 5, 2015 

In this episode Josh L and Josh A discuss the frustrations they have been having of late around shows they both enjoy that aren't double checking that their .mp3's/episodes are working correctly before promoting/marketing those episodes. 


Episode Idea: Make sure the last step in your Podcasting work-flow is to check that your episodes are working correctly - both at source (like Libsyn for example) and in the major apps (like iTunes on the desktop and/or the iTunes Podcasts App for iOS). 


Podcasting gear used in this episode:

  • Josh L: MXL USB.009 > Audacity/Google Hangouts > Audition for post-prod.
  • Josh A: ATR2100 > Audacity/Google Hangouts > Audition for post-prod. 


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