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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Nov 4, 2015

Josh L and Josh A talk podcast background noise, bad recording quality, and being a better podcast guest and/or co-host by having superior sound quality. 

Josh L also introduces his new USB interface the Scarlett 2i4 powering his CL-1 Cloudlifter and Heil PR40 Microphone - the results were pretty handy, and Josh A said Josh L sounded great coming through Skype. The Scarlett 2i4 was incredibly easy to set up (on a iMac in this case), has smooth controls, clean gain, and great build quality.


Podcasting gear used in this episode:

  • Josh L: Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 > Audacity/Skype > Audition for post-prod.
  • Josh A: ATR2100 > Audacity/Skype > Audition for post-prod. 

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