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The Podcasters' Survival Guide

Sep 22, 2017 - complete protection from the podcasting gurus.

In this episode (part 1 of a 2 part series) Josh L and Josh A talk about the value of PODCASTING CONFERENCES for international attendees with Podcast Movement 2017'er 'Adam Jaffrey'.

Adam hosts one of the few must-listen-to business and marketing shows in Australia, called MATE (MATE: marketing, advertising, technology and entrepreneurship) and also has some other irons in the Podcast-fire (mind you, he's definitely not ON FIRE!). 

Mentioned in this episode:

  • The diversity of both PM17's attendees and the content tracks on offer.
  • Adam's decision making process around 'which tracks to attend, and more importantly, which tracks not to'.
  • Adam's feelings on PM17 and the cliques that so obviously formed among the "forefathers" of podcasting, and the podcasting about podcasting crowd. 
  • Adam shares some ground truths for us Aussies, that attending PM17 or any other international Podcasting event may not be in anyones best interest, unless they have a specific set of business goals in the Podcasting space. 
  • Why Josh L. feels that the opinions of people who get into events for FREE shouldn't be taken all that seriously. (Podcasters About Podcasting who attend at a reduced cost or even for free, get to speak, get to plug themselves, get to meet important people without as much friction, and get invited back year after year, are obviously going to see much more ROI than your every day Podcaster, and therefore their opinions should be taken with a pinch of marketeering salt). 
  • Josh A feelings on the value of small and local communities, events and groups, and why they may be even more beneficial for the average Podcaster than attending a large event like PM17. 

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